Credicom Solar Energy

Loan for the purchase and installation of Photovoltaic Systems “Credicom Solar Energy”

Always aiming to support the needs of consumers via environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources, Credicom Consumer Finance Bank finances the purchase and installation of P/V systems on roofs, offering a genuinely preferential financing package!

Τhe “Credicom Solar Energy” program offers you the opportunity not only to contribute to environmental protection, but to also secure additional income that may add up to €7.500! 

In this way, you can:
  • Cover your electricity bills for at least 25 years!
  • Repay your loan and the system’s insurance charges!
  • Enjoy a guaranteed, additional tax-free income for 25 years!
Necessary conditions for joining the “Credicom Solar Energy” Program
  • The fulfilment of the joining requirements of the Special Program*
  • The submission of a technico-economic study by the P/V system installation company
  • Copy of the application to PPC for P/V system connection
Not eligible for Financing
  • Businesses (General Partnerships,S.A. corporations, and Ltd. companies)
  • Apartment blocks with more than three authorized roof users