Discover Credicom Consumer Finance World

Credicom Consumer Finance Group is a dynamic and flexible organization, focusing on full and continuous service, not only of the customer but also of the partner. Credicom Consumer Finance Group operates in a constantly changing environment and in a demanding market with fierce competition. In such an environment, Credicom Consumer Finance adapts quickly to market needs, offering integrated and innovative solutions. 

Credicom Consumer Finance Group employs today more than 250 people, who are pivotal to the organisation's success and to maintaining a growth course. The leading position Credicom Consumer Finance reached within only a few years of presence in the Consumer Credit and the Automotive sector wouldn’t have been achievable without the knowledge, continuous effort and commitment of its people. Our experienced and specialized personnel is at the heart of every effort with consistency and professionalism, contributing to the realisation of the organisation's vision, values and strategic goals.

The development of our people and the provision of a dynamic environment is our basic priority. In this context, our principal goal is the implementation of policies and procedures that are aligned to the culture and strategic vision of the Group, and that improve significantly - qualitatively and quantitatively – the investment in the “Human Capital” factor.